We, the Taxi Owners of Kauai, believing on the maxim, that "in unity" there is strength and to promote the general welfare of the members.

Kauai Independent Taxi Association was formed in 2009 to better serve the visitors and residents of the County of Kauai.



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Kauai Taxi's offer customized services compared to SpeediShuttle Services. Before deciding on taking the other choice, consider this: From Lihue Airport, up to 6 people can be taken to their hotel, resort or condominium for less then the cost of a SpeediShuttle.

Groups: We have over 30 taxis to fit any group size. Please contact us if your Group is planning on coming to Kauai for Conventions, Weddings, Conferences, or Filming of movies.

Example Rates from Lihue Airport Website: Approximate costs to popular destinations are as follows (Lihue Airport website):

Poipu $42.00-$52.50
Wailua-Waipouli $22.00-$27.60
Kauai Hilton $12.00
Lihue-Kukui Grove $9.00-$12.75
Princeville-Haena $88.50-$118.50

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Standard Kauai Taxi Rates:
  1. Initial meter actuation shall equal Three Dollars ($3.00) and shall entitle the passenger to one-tenth (1/10) mile or less, or forty-five seconds standing time or less.
  2. Thereafter, for each one-tenth (1/10) mile additional, or less (.30).
  3. For each forty five seconds (45) of additional waiting time or less. (.30)
  4. Charge for each piece of baggage other than wheelchairs, bicycles, and surfboards, handled by the driver in loading, unloading or both (.40)
  5. Charge for each surfboard, bicycle, baggage, freight or parcel too large to be carried within the rear passenger compartment or trunk of the taxi ($ 4.00)

Standard Tour Rates in the County of Kauai:

1. Initial meter actuation shall equal $ 120.00 and shall entitle the passenger(s) to two (2) hours or less of touring or charted time. A minimum two (2) hours or less of touring or charter time is required.

2. Thereafter, for each fifteen (15) minutes of touring or charter time or less ($15.00)


Lihue Airport Arrival Schedule

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