We, the Taxi Owners of Kauai, believing on the maxim, that "in unity" there is strength and to promote the general welfare of the members.

Kauai Independent Taxi Association was formed in 2009 to better serve the visitors and residents of the County of Kauai.




In order to promote peace and harmony among Taxi operators, the following Rules and Regulations are hereby adopted.

Violations: All Taxi operators shall not:

  • Back load or double load fares. " Pick up out of turn."
  • Refuse short fares.
  • Undercut Fares. "Offering cheaper rates."
  • Solicit anywhere on airport property to gain business, passing out business cards, making other operators look inferior because of appearance or accent, etc.
  • Monopoliza any airline, car rental, travel agent, resort , hotel by written or verbal contract.


  • No arguing or yelling among Taxi operators or in public. This will give Taxi operators a bad reputation.
  • When congregating curb side, we will be considerate and helpful to tourist and Kamaaina
  • All illegal activities will be reported to security immediately in a professional manner and with out alterations.
  • If passenger is disorderly, Taxi operator will be excused from taking such a passenger. Fare may be turned over to the next cab in line within the discursion of the other Taxi operators. The first Tax will retain his or her position.

Dress Code:

  • All Taxi operators must look decent and presentable at al times of operation.

Sanctions Offenses:

  • First Offence - Written warning and 3 months probation. If violated one month suspension.
  • Second Offence - Two month's suspension.
  • Third Offence - Anpyone who violates his or her probation, another month will be added.

Respectfully submitted.

Larry Paet, Chairman K.I.T.A. "Board Member"



Kauai Independent Taxi Association
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